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Timo Kloss (E-Mail)

Graphic Adventure-Developer Kit: Inga-Engine Version 0.9/5
Timo Kloss writes:
Once again there is a version which is really almost totally finished! Of course the Audio-CD-Support is still missing. Compared to the last version the most outstanding difference is the following: the plug-in system has been removed!!! What's all this about? All the features offered by the plug-ins of late have now been firmly integrated (sound-/ language and MED-music) and can be activated by using normal script commands. Accordingly, Inga has been prepared to be ported to other platforms. However, a complete compatibility of all versions would be endangered by a plug-in system. Consequently, it has been removed! Further information can be found in the compendium under "LadeSound", "SpieleModule" etc. Besides the following improvements have been made:
  • You can now also talk to the characters even when you can't run to them all the way (because of the run card). However, it's still not possible to give them anything (that is to say "WennBenutzt" works but "WennBenutzt-Mit" doesn't work!).
  • The destination of the run towards the characters is now better calculated. So far it has only been possible to run either on the left-hand or right-hand side (only provisional).
  • Small mistakes have been removed: If animated characters appeared for example only from the left-hand side and if they bent forward, it was impossible to find a suitable representation.
  • Inga-pictogram information now enables the features "NOSOUND" and "NOPLAYER" as a substitute for "DISABLE" at the plug-ins. You can find further information in the game instructions.
  • The speed of the characters can now be changed. (Consult the compendium under "Laufschnelligkeit" (speed)).

InutilisGraphics Version 1.04

For this you can also find an update with two improvements:
  • Even for small graphics a big screen now opens up so that it is possible to control the characters from a point outside the graphic.
  • 24-bit-pictures are now recognised and activate a warning message while previously the program got stuck.
(ps) (Translation: sr)

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