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Marco Lovera (E-Mail)

AmigaPage: "Amiga Passion"-Contest
The "Amiga Passion" competition was born to let you share in the AmigaPage life. The target of this competition is all the Amiga users to participate by sending one or more of your Workbench screenshots (max 3) to with "Concorso" for the subject.

Originally "Amiga Passion" expired on 31. December 2001, but a new expiration date was decided to be 31. January 2001. So there is another chance for everybody to win !!!

  • Position 1: Full version of EXTREME plus full version of PuzzleBOBS plus mouse pad.
  • Position 2: Full version of EXTREME plus a brooch
  • Position 3: Full version of EXTREME plus a poster.
Games contributed by DKGStore. Mouse pad, brooch, and poster contributed by AmigaPage.

The jury consists of Marco Lovera, Sandra Lovera, and Claudio Marro Filosa.

All of the screenshots sent in will be published on the following websites:

After the competion expired all shots will be moved to our "Computer Passion" section.

I invite you to participate in the "Amiga Passion" competition!

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