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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Interview with Gerd Frank (AmiATLAS)
Olaf Köbnik writes:
In November it finally happened. A new version of the travel planner "AmiATLAS" was published for the first time since 1998. It was developed by Andreas Regul and then Gerd Frank took over and developed it further. Within a short period of time he created a piece of software of the highest quality - AmiATLAS 6.

The Amiga Arena talked to Gerd Frank about the development and future of AmiATLAS and about the question why some of the planned features were not finished for the release.

Just a personal remark
I can only appeal to all of you. Whoever wants good software for the Amiga will destroy its future by using pirate copies which are unfortunately also available from AmiATLAS.

Many people don't seem to be aware of the fact that every registered and sold unit counts!

Just now that we are about to have the chance to get an up-to-date software it would be a shame to ruin ourselves and also the future of the platform Amiga by using pirate copies.

I take this interview as an opportunity to once again draw attention to this issue!

Olaf - Amiga Arena (sd) (Translation: sr)

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