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Amiga Future

Scalos: Updates for DefIcons, Persistent Windows und WB39-Plugins
On 13 January 2002 new versions of DefIcons, Persistend Windows and WB39-Plugins for the Workbench alternative "Scalos" were released.

DefIcons Plugin V45.6
This can be used as a replacement for the filetypes-plugin. It can display a default icon for files without icon, depending on the type of the file.

DefIcons requires AmigaOS V3.5+

Persistent Windows Plugin V39.16
This plugin records all the directory windows a user opens and closes and keeps a record. Should a reboot or a crash occur this data is used in order to open the windows automatically so that the former condition is restored.

Note: If you had previously the SnapDesktop beta installed, it is necessary to delete the old files completely before this new plugin is installed.

WB3.9 Plugin V45.21
This plugin is for AmigaOS 3.5/9 users only. It provides Scalos with some missing functions that will now allow some other software to work correctly, e.g. AmiDock.

It also offers an integrated volumegauge for AmigaOS 3.5+ users. It now loads in OS3.5+ volumegauge preferences as set in the Workbench preferences.

There were also further system checks added so that this plugin is now more stable.

Note: Users who use this plugin don't need the volumegauge.plugin. If it was previously installed, it must me removed.

Download: (sd) (Translation: sr)

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