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Amiga Future

Financial software: Bugfix for Bonds V1.85
There is a first bugfix for Bonds v1.85 on the homepage (title link). It replaces the old exe file with a new one.


  • Umlauts now correct.
  • Crash in the depot stock window, if stock = 0.
  • Changing fonts caused crash.
  • Some more little things.

Still not fixed is the problem with the object data list which may occur if thre are two objects with the same first words (e.g. "SAP VZ" and "SAP ST").

Sven Dröge advices everybody who has MagicMenu installed to enable NON-BLOCKING in its options. Otherwise it may come that the menu choice could be overlooked.

Furthermore configuration files from elder versions of Bonds should not be used, since in part internet regarding settings had to be adjusted. In any case settings should be compared to the included configuration.

Bonds is a shareware financial software to maintain security papers of any kind. But the main focus is on shares. This software was especially designed for the German financial market place and handles best security papers dealt in Germany, since it uses the numbering system for security papers of the German stock-market. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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