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News-area of the website of Metabox (not press) (ANF)

Metabox sells Beta-Boxen, Metabox 1000 to developer
22.January 2002
Offering Beta- met@box1000 to developer and interested beta-tester

We want to proof that met@box 1000 is a usable device for private households. You are supposed to make sure of practical use of the several times introduced settop-boxes. You make sure of it, you are supposed to belong to the first people who have the possibility of enjoying this multimedial product in your own four rooms. We emphasizes that your order is the basic for optmizing the forthcoming mass production. This special production is only possible with your support. For that we guarantee that we will treat this "circle of early orderer" in a very special way. Because of that we specially address to shareholders, developer and interested beta-tester and we want to submit you the following offer of met@box 1000:


  • Satellite box FTA
  • Digital receiver
  • DVD-drive
  • Parallel Port
  • Ethernet (for DSL / Lan) or modem (V90)
  • Internet Html 4, JPEG, BMP, GIF, Macromedia Flash 3.0
  • PiP (Picture in Picture)
  • Simple Menu structure
  • Ingenious keyboard

  • Additional equipment (still in test phase, still not usable)
    • Harddisk
    • SP/DIF
    • USB
This offer has the following conditions:
Acceptance of order and start of production after receipt of 100 orders under prepayment. Delivery of a usable beta-test settop-box. Time of delivery ca. 12-16 weeks

Because of this offer you have the following chances:

  • Beta-test with extensive support
  • Possible offers on the part of market research institutes
  • Possible first interactive TV-content in Germany
  • Possible further participance of introducing projects in Germany (e.g. video on demand)
  • Participance to opinion polls and experience reports

The possibilities of the met@box 1000 are various and contain the whole spectrum of digital television. You can receive all open digital channels like ARD digital and ZDF digital. Additionally you can receive more than 200 free digital broadcats. The met@box 1000 offers an outstanding browser-picture quality. Therefore you can optimally surf in the Internet via TV. Besides this the box offers simultaneous watching television and browsing through the Internet (picture in picture). Additional fetatures:
  • DVD's, video CD's, MP3- and music-CDs
  • HTML based interactive television
  • Webmail
During the 23.01.2002 you will find an ordering formular and the corresponding account number. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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