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AudioLabs (ANF)

AudioLabs: AHI driver for Sunrize AD516
Chris Brenner has released an AHI-driver for the Sunrize audio board "AD516" (Zorro II), available on Aminet.

The Sunrize's AD516 has been one of the most interesting ZII audio boards. Unfortunately, until now, there haven't been any drivers of any kind for this card, leaving owners in need for realtime software with the only option to use Studio16, the application developed for this hardware by Sunrize and bundled with the product.

Lack of detailed documentation, and the fact that Sunrize left the market, prevented people from taking advantage of more modern non-linear editing software, developed years after Studio16. Until now.

Chris Brenner has just released his new excellent AHI driver, available on Aminet, that now allows AHI-compatible applications to access the AD516 A/D D/A converters (for SMPTE support, Studio16 is still the right tool). Several applications have already been tested and work fine.

Early reports about ProStationAudio and this new development say that the driver exhibits low-latency, extremely important to allow using mixing automation and the 30+ realtime DSP effects for ProStationAudio. More information soon, as soon as they arrive.

To download the driver, search for "AD516" on Aminet. Information about the developer is in the driver archive, don't forget to send him feedback.

In the Dev-archive the hardware of the board is described. This description is incomplete but good enough to program drivers.

Download: (sd) (Translation: sr)

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