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Virus Help Denmark (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: Safe V17.8
On 3 February 2002 Virus Help Denmark released version 17.8 of the virus detector 'Safe' developed by Zbigniew Trzcionkowski. 'Safe' recognises any viruses that are in the memory of the computer and, if possible, removes them. Compared with the previous version, the following features have changed:

  • some at least imaginary MGA hits removed, report if this new Safe causes any MF/MGA hits
Name: Safe v17.8
Archive name : Safe.lha
Archive size : 18 855
Date : 3 February 2002
Programmer : Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Requires : OS 2.04+, xvs.library

Download: Safe.lha (18K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sr)

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