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Marco Lovera (e-mail)

AmigaPage: "Amiga Passion" contest - winner decided
As already reported, Marco Lovera of AmigaPage held a contest to find the most beautiful Amiga Workbenches. The winner has now been decided and the prizes were handed out. und die Preise wurden vergeben. You can have a look at the screenshots of the winners here.

The winners:

  • 1st prize: Roman Sudlitz (Prizes: Extreme, PuzzleBobs, Mousepad donated by AmigaPage)
  • 2nd prize: Jean Yves Auger (Prizes: Extreme, Mousepad donated by AmigaPage)
  • 3rd prize: Peter Balogh (Prizes: Extreme, Poster)
  • 4th prize: Michael Goken (Prizes: Extreme)

Marco Lovera thanks all contributors and hopes that the contest can be repeated soon. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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