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AROS: Palm, Zune (MUI), Build-System, HDToolBox
At AROS the work on Palm port, Zune (MUI), the build system for compilations of AROS and the HDToolBox for partitioning the hard disc has progressed a lot since the beginning of March.

Stefan Berger and Georg Steger are working on the Palm port. It already boots Xcopilot and POSE off a ROM image and displays some windows at incredible speeds: The screen bar's title 'Workbench Screen' is drawn at 5 seconds per char ;-). Obviously the graphics driver needs some improvement. At the moment everything is done via PutPixel() and GetPixel().

Sebastian Bauer is permanently doing more work on Zune.

Henning Kiel has changed the build system so that you can have compile targets in one tree. Also different host configurations in one tree are now supported.

Sebastian Heutling has committed his new partition.library and a new HDToolBox which uses the library to access/modify the partition table.

Iain Templeton fixed init() functions of the libraries to use proper macros for arguments.

Stefan Berger implemented Clib's sig#?set() functions.

Adam Chodorowski merged in the latest Python 2.2

AROS is an open source project for implementing an OS which is platform independent and compatible with AmigaOS V3.1. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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