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Instant Messenger: STRICQ 2.7
On 15 March 2002 Douglas F. McLaughlin released the beta version 2.7 of the instant messenger 'STRICQ'. Compared to the previous version the following features have been changed:

  • New: Can now add numeric (only) UINs to the contact list.
  • Modification: Online/offline status changes are now updated for those contacts that are permanently in the 'Not in List' group. To be permanent, a message must have been sent/received or the contact was added manually.
  • Modification: Some may have noticed that in the previous version the system beep came up on incoming messages.
  • Modification: The versioning system now works according to the normal Amiga scheme: version.revision.

Installation instructions: STRICQ V2 isn't compatible with the previous version STRICQ and must therefore be installed in its own directory. At the moment STRICQ V2 can only be launched from a shell prompt.

There's a lot of debug output in the shell window so that you may need to send a copy to Douglas F. McLaughlin in case of bug occurrences.

Run the program, it will not be able to get online right away. Enter your nickname, your UIN and your password. Click 'Save'. Close the program by using the close window button on the contact list window. Your prefs are now saved. Restart the program and if all went well, you should now be online. However, you have to consider the following points:
  • It's now possible to add UINs manually. Searching for Name/Nick/E-Mail is not yet supported.
  • If you have used ICQ2001b before, STRICQ V2 will import your contact list from the server.
  • If you get an enforcer hit, please forward it/them to Douglas F. McLaughlin. Make sure you use <pre></pre> tags.
  • You'll need the latest versions of NList, NListtree, and TextInput. Links for download are available on the STRICQ homepage.

Download: STRICQv2.lha (sd) (Translation: sr)

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