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New AmiDynDNS version 1.19
The Amiga DynDNS client AmiDynDNS is released as the new version 1.19 and may be downloaded for free from our download area as usual. Changes in v1.19:
  • Web based IP detection works again. This error caused the up2date check of hosts to fail and to get some of these hosts blocked.
  • EMail, snailmail and WWW addresses updated.
  • Now the logfile gets also entries for skipped (because up2date) hosts.
  • Tooltype MINUTES now accepts values between 2 and 3600 minutes (3600 minutes == 24 hours).
  • Default of update interval changed to 30 minutes.
  • Timer now shows remaining time as HH:MM:SS.
  • If ADD is paused the status line now shows "Paused..." and if it's resumed again the status shows "Ready...".
Changes in v1.18:
  • Rarely happened error in the authentification fixed.
  • Internal IP detection for OS4 modified. is a service which provides one or more static hostnames to users with dynamic IP addresses for free to easily make webserver, FTP server, etc. available to other users. For further information visit the website of directly please. (snx)

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