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Charlene/VHT (E-Mail)

Antivirus program: VirusExecutor V2.33 and PatchBrain V1.53
Jan Erik Olausen released version 2.33 of VirusExecutor and version 1.53 of PatchBrain.

Changes since last version: 2.33
  • This version wont upload new updates of the xadmaster.library when there are changes in the XAD/ drawer and not the library itself.
  • Version 2.32a would get uploaded from v2.32 cause the fix was made in v2.32a... So I hope v2.33 will fix all those problems :)
    PS! You have to run the update twice the first time for VE to remember.
  • Also fixed bug after added catalogs to the update.. Some xad text was was printed as xfd...
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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