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16.Sep.2004 (Website)

"Project: Reality" Website Online
Under the title link you'll find the homepage of "Project: Reality", which dedicates itself to the realization of the "Amiga Fantasy" computer case design by Marko Hirv (picture).

The Amiga 1200-style housing should have room to accomodate the following components:
  • Mini-ITX-Board (e.g. ľA1)
  • Integrated USB keyboard in the Amiga style
  • PCI riser card, space for a PCI card
  • EIDE hard-drive
  • Slimline slot-loading CDROM/DVDROM/Combo-Drive
  • opening for the compact Flash slot of the ľA1-I
  • 60 W fanless netting [I think power supply is meant here, but the word for netting was definitely used -dm]
  • External adapter, 110-240 V switchable
They are trying to build a prototype by sometime in the first half of 2005. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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