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Tom Duin

Updates of CDDA_SwapMostLeast & SearchStar
Tom "AmigaHarry" Duin has released new versions of his programs "CDDA_SwapMostLeast" and "SearchStar."

CDDA_SwapMostLeast 1.9

CDDA_SwapMostLeast converts CDDA-data to and from CDDA_MostSignificant- (MOTOROLA) into CDDA_LeastSignificant- (INTEL) format.

The new version (1.9) may now be started from the shell or the Workbench. It's been largely rewritten to eliminate known errors and achieve greater velocity.

SearchStar 0.87

"SearchStar" is a multi-function program that searches your hard-drive for a name or results corresponding to specific search criteria. With this you may select either upper or lower case, additionally SearchStar can replace the results with another designation ("Global Search and Replace"). (cg) (Translation: dm)

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