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ANN (website)

OpenPCI updated to v2.0
Benjamin Vernoux released OpenPCI v2.0 for Pegasos I + II, GRex A1200/A4000, Amithlon, Prometheus and Mediator. The SDK got enhanced with more descriptions, many examples with C source code and a tutorial, also with C source code examples. The SDK can be obtained via e-mail from the author.

Changes in OpenPCI v2.0:
  • Some routines optimized
  • New functions:
    • pci_physic_to_logic_addr()
    • pci_obtain_card()
    • pci_release_card()
  • Compatible with older drivers written for OpenPCI V1.x; it is advised, though, to support the new PCI card lock mechanism (pci_obtain_card()/pci_release_card()) to avoid problems with drivers using the same PCI card
  • Bug fixed read & write_config for Prometheus
  • Usage of the lock mechanism of the Prometheus, GRex and Amithlons
This library hasn't been tested by the author on Mediator, Prometheus, GRex and Amithlon, thus he asks for feedback regarding this library running on these systems and on Pegasos I + II.

New in the OpenPCI Realtek 8139 SANA2 driver:
  • Bug fixes regarding Genesis and AmiTCP and possibly further TCP/IP stacks
  • Problems solved when the transfer speed was forced into the 100 Mb half or full duplex mode
  • Fixed latency problems/'dead' network caused by an error in the SANA2 driver
  • Optimized interrupt code and main source code
OpenPCI Terratech 512i/FM801 AHI driver:
  • Only 68k version included (a fully working MorphOS native version would be already existing and possibly later released)
  • Full playback mode is supported
  • Recording mode is not supported
(snx) (Translation: wk)

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