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ANN (website)

MorphOS: CD Player update/new SDL games ports

CD Player 1.2

Ilkka "itix" Lehtoranta released this version of CD Player with new graphical user interface for MorphOS (screenshot).

  • CD Player 1.2 (17.2.2005):
    • Supports the CDText function
    • Random playback
    • ARexx support
    • Simple, clear user interface
    • Optional hiding of GUI elements
  • CDDA Ripper 1.1 (17.2.2005):
    • Extracts digital audio data from CDs
    • Supports the CDText function
  • BlankCD 1.0 (21.3.2004):
    • Deletes CDRWs, similar to the function of MakeCD
  • Eject 1.0 (20.3.2004):
    • Opens and closes the CD/DVD tray
  • SetCDSpeed 1.0 (20.3.2004):
    • CD/DVD speed control
Download cdplayer.lha (109 KB)

Airstrike & Super Mario Clone

Pawel 'stefkos' Stefanski made updates of the SDL games ports Airstrike and Super Mario Clone for MorphOS available. The latter needs the new bug fixed version of the powersdl_ttf.library. Thanks for the bug fixed library go to Ilkka 'itix' Lehtoranta and Herbert 'HAK' Klackl.

Furthermore does Pawel Stefanski search for beta testers for the game Miliarderzy (MorphOS and LinuxPPC version). Interested ones may contact the author via e-mail.

airstrike.lha (3.4 MB)
SMC.lha (4.2 MB)
psdlttf.lha (231 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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