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CD drives: WolnyCD 1.0 sets read-speed
WolnyCD is a tool that allows you to set read-speed of your CD-ROM (CD-R/CD-RW). This should work with most of ATAPI devices and with some of SCSI ones.

  • Two ways of setting read speed: in kB/s (Speedrate) and in "x" (Speed)
  • Manages some of the CD drive functions like Start, Stop, Eject, Load, Prevent and Allow
  • Speed and Speedrate options work on most of the drives, other functions should work with all optical drives
  • Start and Stop can be used with any drive (for example HDD)
  • Controlled from CLI or by Tooltypes
  • Locale support
  • Versions for Amiga-68k, AmigaOS 4.0 and MorphOS
  • Source code included
Download: WolnyCD.lha (77 KB) (snx)

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