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Pegasosforum (forum)

MorphOS: Demo version of Pixel32 released
A demo version of the image/photo/animation painting/editing and retouching application Pixel32 has been released also for MorphOS (screenshot). The MorphOS version requires PowerSDL by Ilkka Lehtoranta.

This is an alpha demo version of Pixel32. It may still contain bugs, typos and even unfinished functions. Especially the PowerPC versions are quite new and may be not as stable and usable as the x86 versions. If you find any bug or Pixel32 crashes, please e-mail the .debuglog file from Pixel32 directory to the author with a small description what you were doing.

In the demo version there are two limitations: a visible watermark in images and a small annoying dialog box informing you about using only a demo version.

pixel_morphos_demo445.lha (7 MB)
powersdl.lha (763 KB) (snx)

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