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21.Jul.2005 (Webseite)

Mediator: Update of the TV Tuner Controller TvR to Version 2.8
The program TvR by Robert Krajcarz (screenshot) has reached version 2.8. With this software a PCI TV tuner card may be controlled in conjunction with the use of a Mediator board.

To itemize, TvR makes possible the searching of Radio/TV signals, the creation of a TV program list, the configuring of the TV picture (brightness, contrast, color saturation), the changing of channels, the size-altering of the TV window (from 10% to full-screen), the selection of the video source (TV, Cinch, SVHS), the sound selection (mono, stereo) and the volume. In full-screen mode OSD (On Screen Display) is offered for the selected functions. The freezing and saving of the TV picture is also offered. The user may control these by GUI, keystrokes, or remote control.

As of version 2.8, video sequences may also now be saved, to this end tool-types of the program icons are supported. Beyond that, there's a change to the mute function in the main window.

tvr28.lha (68 KB)
tvr_skins.lha (1,5 MB)
tvr_skinkit.lha (29 KB) (snx) (Translation: dm)

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