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Gunnar von Boehn (ANF)

AWeb: MorphOS Version 3.5.06 RC
Gunnar von Boehn has compiled the current version (3.5.06) of the AWeb web-browser for MorphOS, wherewith this is now at the same position as the release candidates for AmigaOS/68k and AmigaOS4.

Please note that this is only about a release candidate, not a final version. Bug reports are solicited.

To install, unpack the archive and start the installer (for installation of the configuration), then AWeb itself.

The archive contains:
  • The required Class Act classes
  • AmiSSL for the SSL support
  • A Flash-player (standalone, because the AWeb Flash-plugin is not ready yet)
  • Icons and diverse settings

Download: AWEB3506rc-MOS.tgz (2,2 MB) (snx) (Translation: dm)

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