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19.Dec.2005 Uploads til 18.12.2005 uploads since out last report:
freeprince.lha        gam/pla  609kb  Prince of Persia Engine
awk.tar.bz2           dev/lan  222kb  awk - from OpenBSD 3.8
libflac.lha           dev/lib    1Mb  FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec
libspeex.lha          dev/lib  345kb  Speex a free codec for free speech
yacc.tar.bz2          dev/uti  153kb  yacc - from OpenBSD 3.8
daimonin_client.lha   gam/rol   16Mb  OS4 port for the MMORPG daimonin client
chrome_themes.lha     gra/the    1Mb  A Couple More GUI Themes
ircstats.lha          uti/tex  101kb  Log analyzer similar to mIRCStats
irssi2mirc.lha        uti/tex   33kb  Converts irssi logs to mIRC logs
annotate.lha          uti/tex  230kb  Text Editor with advanced features
annotate_src.lha      uti/tex  169kb  Text Editor with advanced features (sour
mplayer-gui.lha       vid/mis  203kb  GUI for MPlayer for OS4
shadowoftheblitz.lha  dem/mis  162kb  Remake attempt of Shadow Of The Beast (t
libtheora.lha         dev/lib  651kb  libtheora 1.0 alpha 5 release
furbykill.lha         gam/act    1Mb  its time  to kill the furbies!
mishigame.lha         gam/puz  349kb  Tetris game with some twists.
cal3d.lha             dev/lib    1Mb  Cal3d - A 3D character animation librrar
eggchess.lha          gam/boa  872kb  Strange multiplayer game
eremit.lha            gam/boa  585kb  Board game where u play with marbles
drac.lha              gam/car  273kb  Klondike card game
dumbbell.lha          gam/mis  146kb  some type of a snake game
scrambly_dv.lha       gam/puz  210kb  puzzle game - port of a cellphone game
amipodder.lha         net/mis  379kb  Subscribe to, play back and manage podca
camd_envy24ht_tk.lha  dri/mis   14kb  CAMD Envy24HT driver
asyncio.lha           uti/mis   37kb  asyncio.library Compiled for OS4 PPC Nat
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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