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Aminet-Uploads til 18.12.2005
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
TelExpress2xs.lha         biz/dbase   509K  OS3  Database for Amiga OS 3.x by
ircstats.lha              comm/irc    101K  OS4  Log analyzer similar to mIRCStats
irssi2mirc.lha            comm/irc     33K  OS4  Converts irssi logs to mIRC logs
amipodder.lha             comm/misc   379K  GEN  Subscribe to, play back and manage podca
netclock.lha              comm/misc    50K  GEN  Set Clock from daytime (atomic) servers
CTorrent.lha              comm/tcp     60K  OS3  BitTorrent Client for Real Amigas
processtorrent.lha        comm/tcp      3K  GEN  Arexx-Script to handle .torrent files
qsilver-ws.lha            comm/www     43K  GEN  HTTP/1.0 compliant webserver in ARexx
SymBase.lha               dev/amos    197K  OS3  Database extension for AmosPro V0.94
cal3d.lha                 dev/gcc     1.4M  OS4  Cal3d - A 3D character animation librrar
awk.tar.bz2               dev/lang    222K  OS4  awk - from OpenBSD 3.8
libflac.lha               dev/misc    1.2M  OS4  FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec
libspeex.lha              dev/misc    345K  OS4  Speex a free codec for free speech
libtheora.lha             dev/misc    651K  OS4  libtheora 1.0 alpha 5 release
yacc.tar.bz2              dev/misc    153K  OS4  yacc - from OpenBSD 3.8
BackUp.lha                disk/bakup   49K  OS3  A simple backup tool.. v1.44
mplayer091guide.lha       docs/help     5K  GEN  Mplayer 0.91 Spanish Guide
DumbBell_OS4.lha          game/actio  146K  OS4  some type of a snake game
FurbyKill_OS4.lha         game/actio  1.7M  OS4  its time  to kill the furbies!
noiz2sa.lha               game/actio  9.3M  OS4  An abstract shoot'em up game by Kenta Ch
SOTB_OS4.lha              game/actio  162K  OS4  Remake attempt of Shadow Of The Beast (t
5inarow.lha               game/board  273K  OS4  5 in a row tic tac toe
Drac_OS4.lha              game/board  274K  OS4  Klondike card game
EggChess_OS4.lha          game/board  873K  OS4  Strange multiplayer game
Eremit_OS4.lha            game/board  586K  OS4  Board game where u play with marbles
freeprince.lha            game/jump   610K  OS4  Prince of Persia Engine
mishigame.lha             game/misc   350K  OS4  Tetris game with some twists.
daimonin_client.lha       game/role    17M  OS4  OS4 port for the MMORPG daimonin client
scrambly_dv.lha           game/think  210K  OS4  puzzle game - port of a cellphone game        gfx/show     41K  GEN  skins for DvPlayer      gfx/show     24K  GEN  skins for DvPlayer
8SVXtoXXX.lha             mus/misc     26K  OS3  IFF-8SVX to 8SVX, RAW, AIFF, WAV, VOC co
ahirecord.lha             mus/play     27K  OS3  Advanced AHI HD-Recorder V1.13
AmigaAMP-External68k.lha  mus/play     51K  OS3  Enhanced 68k decoding engine for AmigaAM
AmigaAMP.lha              mus/play    542K  VAR  MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC)
RemoteRecord.lha          mus/play      5K  GEN  Arexx script for AHIRecord
chrome_themes.lha         pix/theme   1.5M  GEN  A Couple More GUI Themes for OS4
mixer_blue_skin.lha       pix/theme    12K  GEN  Skin Blue for OS4 Audio mixer
Brasil_Trip01.jpg         pix/views    70K  GEN  Picture from Rio de Janeiro
Brasil_Trip02.jpg         pix/views   151K  GEN  Picture from Rio de Janeiro
Brasil_Trip03.jpg         pix/views    57K  GEN  Picture from Rio de Janeiro
Brasil_Trip04.jpg         pix/views    40K  GEN  Picture from Rio de Janeiro
Brasil_Trip05.jpg         pix/views   105K  GEN  Picture showing Iguacu waterfalls
Brasil_Trip06.jpg         pix/views   110K  GEN  Picture showing Iguacu waterfalls
Brasil_Trip07.jpg         pix/views   228K  GEN  Picture showing Iguacu waterfalls
Brasil_Trip08.jpg         pix/views   295K  GEN  Picture showing Iguacu waterfalls
Brasil_Trip09.jpg         pix/views   191K  GEN  Picture beach of Costa do Sauipe
Brasil_Trip10.jpg         pix/views   187K  GEN  Picture beach of Costa do Sauipe
Brasil_Trip11.jpg         pix/views   169K  GEN  Picture showing Salvador habour
Brasil_Trip12.jpg         pix/views   140K  GEN  Picture showing parrot in Brasil
Brasil_Trip13.jpg         pix/views   180K  GEN  Picture showing monkey in Brasil
Brasil_Trip14.jpg         pix/views   248K  GEN  Picture beach of Costa do Sauipe
Annotate_src.lha          text/edit   169K  GEN  Text Editor with advanced features (sour
Annotate_usr.lha          text/edit   230K  OS4  Text Editor with advanced features
xmlguide.lha              text/hyper   21K  GEN  DTD/XSL to convert files in XML format t                   util/arc    140K  OS3  Amiga LhA (self extracting archive)
lha_68k.lha               util/arc    134K  OS3  Latest version of Amiga LhA
lha_os4.lha               util/arc    133K  OS4  Latest version of Amiga LhA
lha_wos.lha               util/arc    102K  WUP  Latest version of Amiga LhA
Bekuna.lha                util/boot   670K  GEN  Welcome user program (International)
DiskMaster.lha            util/dir    394K  VAR  DiskMaster2 - 68K & OS4
asyncio_os4.lha           util/libs    37K  OS4  asyncio.library compiled for OS4 PPC Nat
PdaLinkPoseidon.lha       util/libs   137K  OS3  Connect Amiga with Palm PDA, mod. for Po
DigiConverter.lha         util/misc    15K  OS3  Handy dec/hex/bin/float/ASCII-converter
MPlayer-GUI.lha           util/misc   203K  OS4  GUI for MPlayer for OS4
StartBar-ITA.lha          util/misc    94K  OS3  Italian version of StartBar
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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