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20.Mar.2006 Uploads til 19.03.2006 uploads since our last report:
boost.lha              dev/lib    5Mb  Boost C++ libraries
expat-ppc.lha          dev/lib    1Mb  Expat C library for parsing XML
cwfloppy.lha           dri/sto  165kb  Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller
clipman.lzx            uti/mis   11kb  Small GUI-based clipboard utility
miniamp.lha            aud/mis    1Mb  A Small GUI for Use with AmigaAMP or AMP
gb_mac.lha             dri/inp   15kb  British Mac Keymap
allkeys.lha            uti/mis   49kb  Use all mapped rawkeys which include som        gra/ico  968kb  HunoPNG's Device icons
macc.lha               uti/mis   27kb  Mouse accelerator with plenty of setting
pcal.lha               uti/pri  374kb  Print Postscript calendars
psutils.lha            uti/pri  339kb  Manipulate PostScript files
subversion.lha         dev/uti    6Mb  Revision control system, successor to RC
spice3f5.lha           off/mis  988kb  Analog circuit simulator
lha.lha                uti/arc  131kb  lha 2.12 AOS4-native
amidisk.lha            uti/fil  411kb  File manager for OS4
pciview.lha            uti/har  184kb  PciView - A gui base pci-viewer
libguichan.lha         dev/lib    3Mb  A portable C++ GUI library
libungif.lha           dev/lib    1Mb  Read and write GIF images
uninameslist.lha       dev/lib    1Mb  A Library of Unicode annotation data
amigascrapbookfix.lha  gra/vie  914kb  Latest Enhancement for AmigaScrapbook
scout.lha              uti/mis    1Mb  System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optio
lpr_dev.lha            uti/pri   41kb  network printing utility (via Unix LPR p
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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