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Aminet-Uploads til 19.03.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
MUIbase-2.0.lha          biz/dbase   2.3M  OS3  Powerful programmable relational databas
MakeHTMLMap.lha          comm/www    1.3M  OS3  The Gallery/Onlineshop Creator for Amiga
dw2_05.lha               demo/tp96   7.9M  OS3  DataWorld2 by Infect and WK-Artworks           dev/asm     704K  OS3  ASM Source to Devious Chip Pack !
mp3_dec.lha              dev/basic    15K  OS3  "mpega.library" dev kit for Blitz and mp
expat-ppc.lha            dev/c       1.1M  OS4  Expat C library for parsing XML
DECH.lha                 dev/e        45K  OS3  Deniil's E-Compiler Handler v1.47
cppboost.lha             dev/misc    5.5M  OS4  Boost C++ libraries
uninameslist.lha         dev/misc    1.3M  OS4  uninameslist: A Library of Unicode annot
mui_memdump.lha          dev/moni     66K  VAR  Views and modifies memory with a GUI
AmigaFuture59.lha        docs/mags   640K  GEN  Great german paper mag preview
cwfloppy.lha             hard/drivr  164K  OS4  Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller
gb_mac.lha               hard/drivr   16K  OS4  British Mac Keymap
prism2.lha               hard/drivr  208K  VAR  Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
TestGear7.lha            hard/hack   106K  OS3  Data-Logger and Transient-Recorder.
digifilter.lha           misc/sci     68K  MOS  Digital FIR filter design software
AmigaAMP-Prefs.lha       mus/play     57K  OS3  AmigaAMP-Prefs v1.24  by  Deniil 715!
playOGG.lha              mus/play    1.0M  OS3  Plays OGG, MP3, FLAC, VOB, AC3, RA, mods
AngelIsland.jpg          pix/back    225K  GEN  Athmospheric Terragen Render: Angel Isla
AMF-MixPNGIcons.lha      pix/icon    411K  GEN  PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch      pix/icon    968K  GEN  HunoPNG's Device icons
N.Castellan.lha          pix/icon    1.4M  GEN  A conversion of MacOSX icons for Morphos
nkf-mos.lha              text/misc   237K  MOS  Network Kanji Filter
pcal_os4.lha             text/misc   374K  OS4  Print Postscript calendars V4.9.1
psutils_os4.lha          text/print  340K  OS4  Manipulate PostScript files v1r17                  util/arc    194K  OS3  Amiga LhA (self extracting archive)
lha_68k.lha              util/arc    190K  OS3  Latest version of Amiga LhA
lha_os4.lha              util/arc    131K  OS4  Latest version of Amiga LhA
lha_wos.lha              util/arc    109K  WUP  Latest version of Amiga LhA
IconBeFast.lha           util/boot    35K  OS3  patch for faster icons & color mapping, 
ActivateWindow.lha       util/cli      6K  OS3  CLI-tool to activate, move to front wind
akJFIF-dt.lha            util/dtype  205K  VAR  akJFIF-dt V45.49 (JPEG, 68000-060/MOS)
akPNG-dt.lha             util/dtype  205K  VAR  akPNG-dt V45.49 (PNG, 68000-060/MOS)
akTIFF-dt.lha            util/dtype  483K  VAR  akTIFF-dt V45.49 (TIFF, 68000-060/MOS)
AllKeys.lha              util/misc    50K  VAR  Use ALL mapped rawkeys which includes Mu
DigiConverter.lha        util/misc    16K  OS3  Handy dec/hex/bin/float/ASCII-converter
JoinSplitter.lha         util/misc    30K  OS3  The best join- and split-program! (v1.3)
Macc.lha                 util/misc    28K  OS4  Mouse accelerator with plenty of setting
zoomit.lha               util/misc    63K  VAR  A MUI-based magnify/zoom application.
Scout_mos.lha            util/moni   1.1M  MOS  V3.5, System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack
Scout_os3.lha            util/moni   940K  OS3  V3.5, System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack
Scout_os4.lha            util/moni   1.2M  OS4  V3.5, System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack
Scout_src.lha            util/moni   827K  GEN  V3.5, System monitor - GNU-GPL source co
OS39_update_patches.lha  util/sys     72K  OS3  OS3.9, KCON, screennotify and settings.m
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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