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24.Apr.2006 Uploads til 23.04.2006 uploads since our last report:
wormux.lha          gam/mis   20Mb  Wormux - A Worms Clone
amicad.lha          off/cad    1Mb  AmiCAD (Schematics vectorial electronics
tunenet.lha         aud/pla  514kb  Music Player (Shoutcast, MP3, PT, AIFF, 
opengl-glu.lha      dev/lib  311kb  OpenGL GLU library
dvplayer-demo.lha   vid/pla  574kb  Video Player with skinnable GUI
filex.lha           dev/edi  303kb  FileX - the HEX-Editor
scummvm-frak.lha    gam/adv    2Mb  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
mediarequestor.lha  uti/wor   15kb  MediaRequestor
tunemod-plug.lha    aud/pla  354kb  ~25 Mod style Plugins for TuneNet (S3M, 
tuneogg-plug.lha    aud/pla  190kb  Ogg Vorbis Plugin for TuneNet
tunemp3_encode.lha  aud/rec  278kb  Lame (MP3 like) Encoder for TuneNet
dosbox.lha          emu/com    1Mb  MS DOS emulator
pointriderui.lha    off/pre   32kb  GUI for PointRider OS4 version.
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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