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09.May 2006 uploads until 08 May 2006
Here are the uploads at which have added since our last announcement:
filex.lha          dev/edi  312kb  FileX - the HEX editor
coreutils-bin.lha  dev/uti    4Mb  GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha  dev/uti    7Mb  GNU core utilities (source)
make-bin.lha       dev/uti  354kb  GNU make including parallel compile
uaeconfig.lha      emu/uti   48kb  Configuration program for UAE .uaerc fil
amigg.lha          net/cha    1Mb  Instant Messenger Application
lvmsgout.lha       net/ema   21kb  LeaveOut YAM message link on Workbench
scramble.lha       gam/puz    2Mb  Scramble
torrent.lha        gam/puz    1Mb  Another mind game..
bibvision.lha      uti/tex  162kb  Bible text viewer for OS4 / OS3.5 / Warp
rockbeat.lha       aud/tra    1Mb  Create drumming tracks and export them a
pong.lha           gam/act   33kb  Pong the desktop game for AmigaOS40
trimines.lha       gam/boa  265kb  A mine sweeper game
daimonin.lha       gam/rol   15Mb  An online MMORPG
wookiechat.lha     net/cha  580kb  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)          gam/act    1Mb  Freespace - Ryleh Campaign
(cg) (Translation: iw)

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