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09.May 2006

Aminet uploads until 08 May 2006
Here are the Aminet uploads which have added since our last announcement.
sqlite3.lha             biz/dbase   1.5M  MOS  An Embeddable SQL Database Engine
wookiechat.lha          comm/irc    580K  VAR  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
amigg.lha               comm/misc   1.5M  VAR  Instant Messenger Application
Tidy.lha                comm/www    133K  OS3  Tidy your HTML - fixes common HTML error
lvmsgout.lha            comm/yam     22K  GEN  LeaveOut YAM message link on Workbench
make-bin.lha            dev/c       355K  OS4  GNU make including parallel compile
coreutils-bin.lha       dev/gg      4.1M  OS4  GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha       dev/gg      7.6M  GEN  GNU core utilities (source)
AmigaFuture60.lha       docs/mags   820K  GEN  Great german paper mag preview
OS-UK_news_vol_1.txt    docs/mags    45K  GEN  ASCII newsletter for the UK comp scene
biloba.lha              game/board  2.4M  OS4  Biloba - A strategy board game for 2 to 
torrent.lha             game/board  1.4M  OS4  Another mind game..
trimines.lha            game/board  265K  OS4  A mine sweeper game               game/data   1.9M  GEN  Freespace - Ryleh Campaign     game/think  657K  ARO  LTris
scramble.lha            game/think  2.1M  OS4  Scramble
GS8gui.lha              gfx/conv     85K  GEN  GUI for Ghostscript8 done with rxMUI
EVVelazquez.lha         gfx/show    284K  OS3  Shows and plays various picture/audio fo
PAR_READ.lha            hard/hack   346K  OS3  PAR: as a VOLUME in READ mode only.
cas_tools-aos4.lha      misc/emu    104K  OS4  MSX Cas converters
cas_tools-mos.lha       misc/emu     30K  MOS  MSX Cas converters
img2dsk-aos4.lha        misc/emu     25K  OS4  IMG to DSK MSX disk image converter
ZXLive.lha              misc/emu     98K  OS3  ZX-Spectrum 48/128k/Pentagon Emulator v0
ASense.lha              misc/sci    903K  OS3  Professional astrology software
ASenseFPU.lha           misc/sci    294K  OS3  Professional astrology software
AsianCult.mp3           mods/misc   2.8M  GEN  Asian Culture (MP3-version)
BrokenSoul.mp3          mods/misc   4.4M  GEN  Broken Soul (MP3-version)
Desert.mp3              mods/misc   3.3M  GEN  Desert (MP3-version)
LN4Intro.mp3            mods/misc   1.3M  GEN  Last Ninja 4 Intro (By Helgis)!
LN4Lev1.mp3             mods/misc   2.0M  GEN  Last Ninja 4 Level 1 Song!!! (MP3)
Wasteland-helgis.mp3    mods/misc   2.5M  GEN  Wasteland (LN4 Amiga-version by Helgis)!
WhoSays.mp3             mods/misc   2.8M  GEN  WhoSays (MP3-version)
rockbeat.lha            mus/edit    1.7M  OS4  Create drumming tracks and export them a
AMF-AnimalPNGIcons.lha  pix/icon     29K  GEN  PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
AMF-Enemies.lha         pix/icon     35K  GEN  PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
AMF-MixPNGIcons.lha     pix/icon    267K  GEN  PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
AMF-ModelPNGIcons.lha   pix/icon    165K  GEN  PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch   text/edit   1.3M  ARO  Simple Text Editor
bibvision.lha           text/show   162K  VAR  Bible text viewer for OS4 / OS3.5 / Warp
SysLock33.lha           util/boot    67K  OS3  SysLock (HD-protection passcode program)
AKCC.lha                util/cli    163K  VAR  Advanced CLI-Commands for OS V33-50 (21.
DM_con_LL.lha           util/dir      8K  GEN  My DiskMaster configuration and associat
FileMasterPPC.lha       util/dir    353K  MOS  Multitasking directory utility (MorphOS)
Rival-V1.0a-MOS.lha     util/dir    156K  MOS  Compare two directories recursivelly
glload.lha              util/moni   125K  MOS  A 3D CPU load display
Scout_mos.lha           util/moni   1.1M  MOS  System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optio
Scout_os3.lha           util/moni   944K  OS3  System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optio
Scout_os4.lha           util/moni   1.2M  OS4  System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optio
Scout_src.lha           util/moni   1.3M  GEN  System monitor - GNU-GPL source code
rac_aminet.lha          util/rexx     6K  GEN  search(download) aminet within the CONSO
crvectors.lha           util/shell    2K  OS3  clear reset vectors from shell
(cg) (Translation: iw)

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