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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Print magazine: Amiga Future 62 (September/October 2006)
press release: Today the 62nd issue (September/October 2006) of Amiga Future was released. That means that all subscriptions have been taken to the post today.

The Amiga Future can be bought in the online shop of APC&TCP directly at the editorial office and at various specialised dealers (for example Alinea, GGS-Data, Vesalia etc.) It is possible to take out a subscription or to buy the issue separately, either with a readers CD or without.

Again there are plenty of test reports in this issue for example MMKeyboard, Rockbeat, X11, Ajax, Amaja and many more. But there is also a report of the Evoke, an interview with The Wyrmkeep Entertainment and Olaf Barthel.

A complete index as well as extracts can be obtained in the articles section of the Amiga Future Homepage.

On the readers CD are once again 10 full versions, for instance Uropa 2 or Labyrinth of Time. Among MP3 compositions by Andreas Stürmer there this time exclusively also the not yet published Amiga game Light Racer on the CD.

Issue 59 has been sold out in the meantime. Few magazines of issue 60 and 61 are still available. Various older issues of Amiga Future are available at the APC&TCP online shop; price starting at 1 euro.

The software area of the Amiga Future homepage, where you can download various full versions is available at The domain will be deactivated in the near future.

Amiga Future is still looking for print editors and online editors. Detailed information can be obtained at (cg) (Translation: iw)

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