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05.Sep.2006 (Webseite)

Amithlon: Kernel 3.10, new Linux drivers
Gary 'DrBombcrater' Colville provides a new Linux kernel for the Amiga emulator Amithlon. Changes in version 3.10:
  • Support for more GeForce FX models (ie, 5700, 5100, etc)
  • Support for GeForce PCX PCI-Express cards
  • General bugfixes to the GeForce and Radeon drivers
  • SATA support (yay!) for VIA 8237 and NVidia NForce 3/4 chipsets
  • Gigabit ethernet via the VIA 6120 & 6122 Velocity chips
  • Ethernet driver for NForce 3/4 chipsets
  • Support for more AC97 audio codecs

In addition there is an archive with additional Linux drivers which includes support for further network interface cards and sound cards. The driver packet requires the Contrib3b update by Bernd Meyer or the Amithlon-Update by Guido Mersmann. (cg) (Translation: iw)

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