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22.Dec.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: DvPlayer 0.58 / avcodec.library 51.45
For AmigaOS 4 updates of the video and DVD player DvPlayer as well as of the avcodec.library have been published. The library has got several bug fixes as well as an improvement of speed.

Changes in the release 0.58 of DvPlayer:
  • Added support for OpenDML AVI files
  • Fixed and improved overlay support with fullscreen overlay mode, improved speed, triplebuffering (requires AOS4.0 final), aspect ratio correction, overlay is now used by default if available
  • Fixed problem with MS-ADPCM audio (also requires avcodec.library 51.45)
  • Added multiple charset support for subtitles (DvPlayer will use the charset you have configured in your preferences)
  • Fixed a bug in window mode which caused a slowdown, now window playback is about 10% faster
  • Further improved AVI support and added workarounds for more buggy AVI files
  • Disabling Audio Boost now halves the volume instead of saturating to 100%
  • Screenblanker is now also allowed while a movie is paused
  • Added Mousewheel volume adjustment
  • Added DTS audio support for AVI files
  • Added Movie Information window (available in the Control menu)
  • Added window resize gadget possibility (new gadget ID defined for skin files)
  • Added custom pointer when mouse is moved over the window resize gadget
  • Bringing up the menu now temporarily pauses movie playback. Also mouse is temporarily turned on in fullscreen when the menu is invoked
  • Many more bugfixes and improvements (subtitle bug fixes, I/O plugin support fixes/improvements, etc.)
The author would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

avcodec_lib.lha (776 KB)
DvPlayer-0.58-Demo.lha (527 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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