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Aminet-Uploads until 22.04.2007
Aminet-Uploads until our last report:
FussballBundesliga.lha     biz/misc     29K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
A71Mail.lha                comm/www     62K    GEN   Email Form multilanguage written in php
gts-ftb.lha                demo/aga      5K    OS3   Fade To Black - 4K Intro by Giants 1996
pdy_ssd.exe                demo/intro   19K    OS3   Prodigy_SuperStardust ++ Cracktro
jwhois-3.2.3-bin-m68k.lha  dev/gg      171K    OS3   improved Whois client
IFF-RGFX.lha               dev/misc      7K    GEN   New IFF graphics file format standard
SFS.lha                    disk/misc   446K    VAR   Smart Filesystem
SVG-Specs.lha              docs/misc     3K    GEN   SVG File Format Specification
WoodenBars.lha             game/demo    59K    OS3   Simple bars game for all the PAL AMIGAs
wesnoth.lha                game/strat   63M    OS4   Battle for Wesnoth (stable version)
dopewars-1.5.12-m68k.lha   game/text   687K    OS3   become a drug dealer (single,tcp/ip)
AmiArcadia.lha             misc/emu    269K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emula
BasiliskII-src-mos.lha     misc/emu    1.0M    GEN   68k Macintosh Emul. for MorphOS (source)
BasiliskII_mos.lha         misc/emu    467K    MOS   68k Macintosh Emulator for MorphOS
GaloisFieldArithmetic.lha  misc/math   1.1M    OS3   Galois Field Arithmetic Library
Agony.lha                  mods/cust   265K    OS3   Custom modules from "Agony"
BattleStorm.lha            mods/cust    37K    OS3   Custom module from "Battle Storm"
OffShoreWar.lha            mods/cust   313K    OS3   Custom module from "Off Shore Warrior"
Titan.lha                  mods/cust   160K    OS3   Custom module from "Titan"
Zoom.lha                   mods/cust   169K    OS3   Custom module from "Zoom"
AMF-ModelPNGIcons.lha      pix/picon   335K    GEN   PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
akSVG-dt.lha               util/dtype   72K    VAR   akSVG-dt (SVG [SView], 68000-060)
Koala_DataType_V39_3.lha   util/dtype  243K    OS3   C64 KoalaPainter DataType
sprite_dt.lha              util/dtype   52K    OS4   Datatype for RISC OS (Acorn) Sprites
MuMin.lha                  util/libs    61K    OS3   Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
eastern.lha                util/wb      42K    VAR   creates thumbnail icons on the fly
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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