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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 16.03.2008
These are the latest uploads to the AROS-Archives which have been added since our last message:             dev/lan   23Mb  gcc/g++ 3.3.1 i686 aros
aros_install_manual_version_0.25a.pdf  doc/man  823kb  AROS Install Manual
aros_shell_manual_version_0.7a.pdf     doc/man  592kb  AROS SHELL MANUAL
aros_user_manual_version_0.56a.pdf     doc/man    2Mb  AROS User Manual
changeit04.lha                         gam/puz    2Mb  Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone)               gra/con  308kb  CLI converter for camera raw files (SSE2                    gra/con  306kb  CLI converter for camera raw files
simplemail_beta0.03_aros-i386.tar.gz   net/ema  503kb  SimpleMail for AROS-i386                  off/dat    3Mb  Programmable relational database with GU                            uti/     248kb  Printer Preferences                  uti/mis   15kb  TrueType font viewer
serialecho.i386-aros.tar.gz            uti/she    2kb  Echo command that dumps output to serial
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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