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17.Mar.2008 Uploads until 16.03.2008
These are the latest uploads to which have been added since our last message:
gym2vgm.lha              aud/con    5kb  Converts GYM, SSL, and CYM files to VGM              aud/con   57kb  Converts Hively Tracker (HVL) tunes to W
playgsf.lha              aud/pla  743kb  .gsf/.minigsf player
tune2sf_plug.lha         aud/pla  397kb  2SF (Nintendo DS) TuneNet plugin
tuneadplug_plug.lha      aud/pla    2Mb  AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tunedsf_plug.lha         aud/pla  276kb  DSF (Sega Dreamcast) TuneNet plugin
tuneymamp_plug.lha       aud/pla  112kb  Callus/Genesis YM plugin for TuneNet
creeptea.lha             dem/mis  589kb  CreepTea a nice demo, originally for GP2
creepteasrc.lha          dem/mis  476kb  CreepTea a nice demo, source archive.
podfather.lha            dem/mis  341kb  Podfather a nice demo, originally for Ip
podfathersrc.lha         dem/mis  166kb  Podfather a nice demo, source archive.
planethively.lha         dem/mus   92kb  'Planet Hively' a musicdisk by IRIS and 
rno-r100-68k.lha         dem/mus    3Mb  RNO Records release #100 musicdisk
huc.lha                  dev/cro    1Mb  PC Engine/Turbografx compiler/assembler
libao.lha                dev/lib  107kb  Cross-platform Audio Library
libargp.lha              dev/lib  361kb  libargp.a - standalone argp from glibc
libmikmod.lha            dev/lib    2Mb  Portable sound library (music modules)
libmspack.lha            dev/lib  484kb  Microsoft packing library (CAB,CHM,HL
libwin32.lha             dev/lib   19kb  Wrapper for Windows functions (WIP)
abc-shell.lha            dev/uti  181kb  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
flasm.lha                dev/uti  280kb  A Dis/assembler of Flash ActionScript by
guidemaker.lha           dev/uti  637kb  An AmigaGuide file creation utility.
flite_device.lha         dri/aud    3Mb  Device API based on the Flite Speech Eng
diskimage_device.lha     dri/sto  296kb  Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
bas2tap.lha              emu/con   51kb  Converts 'BASIC in an ASCII file' to a T
dat2slt.lha              emu/con   20kb  Two utilities to convert between DAT and
direct.lha               emu/con   10kb  Convert .voc to spectrum .tzx
snapconv.lha             emu/con  419kb  A Spectrum snapshot format converter
snaplist.lha             emu/con   16kb  Extracts the basic listing from a .sna s
tap2tzx.lha              emu/con    4kb  A TAP to TZX Converter
tzx2tap.lha              emu/con    7kb  Converts Spectrum TZX to TAP files.
gngeoalpha.lha           emu/gam  774kb  Unsupported *alpha* release of GNGeo
neogui-fr.lha            emu/gam    4kb  NeoGUI french catalog
neo_gui.lha              emu/mis  567kb  GUI for GnGeo Emulator for OS4
pokeit.lha               emu/mis    3kb  Inserts multiface POKEs permenantly into
gluae.lha                emu/uti    1Mb  Integrates UAE into AmigaOS
bermudasyndrome.lha      gam/act  396kb  Bermuda Syndrome SDL
bumprace.lha             gam/act    1Mb  Fly to the exit type of game with multip
heroes.lha               gam/act    4Mb  'Heroes' a VERY nice and polished nibble
kog.lha                  gam/act  705kb  innovative, quick, simple arcade game
randomshooter.lha        gam/act    1Mb  'Random Shooter' - A small shooter
wordmeupxxl_demo.lha     gam/act   22Mb  Word Me Up XXL
zatacka.lha              gam/act  804kb  A snake game with a slight twist
freesci-src.tar.gz       gam/adv    6Mb  FreeSCI source
freesci.lha              gam/adv  725kb  Sierra games interpreter
scummvm-source.lha       gam/adv    7Mb  ScummVM-Source files
scummvm.lha              gam/adv    4Mb  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
abusimpeldx.lha          gam/pla    3Mb  'Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe' - a plat
brikx.lha                gam/puz    4Mb  A puzzle game, connect the blocks
changeit.lha             gam/puz    2Mb  Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone)
nazghul.lha              gam/rol    3Mb  Ultima 5-like engine and the full game '
gsgui.lha                gra/con  167kb  GUI for Ghostscript8 in MUI
ivcon.lha                gra/con  583kb  3D Graphics File Conversion
bubbleblanker.lha        gra/scr  884kb  A Screenblanker Patterned after Vista's
commander.lha            gra/scr   71kb  Commander - A multi-purpose blanker modu
gngscrpack.lha           gra/the    4Mb  A pack with screenshots for the GNGeo GU
litemetal.lha            gra/the   35kb  Very lightweight and elegant theme for A
novometal_iv.lha         gra/the   36kb  lightweight, simple & elegant theme for 
transmetal.lha           gra/the   36kb  Lightweight, simple & elegant theme for 
owbaddressbook.lha       net/bro  536kb  An Address Book for the OWB Web Browser 
pftp-de.lha              net/ftp   41kb  German translation for PFTP
pftp-es.lha              net/ftp    8kb  Spanish translation for PFTP
pftp.lha                 net/ftp  706kb  Advanced FTP/SFTP client
pftp_fr.lha              net/ftp   54kb  French translation for PFTP (including d
quickfile.lha            off/dat    2Mb  Powerful, fast and easy database
sdlbench.lha             uti/ben  124kb  An SDL Benchmark test
stream_memspeed.lha      uti/ben   78kb  A memory speed benchmark program
adepack.lha              uti/fil   22kb  Depacks packed Amiga files.
dax2iso.lha              uti/fil   57kb  Convert DAX images to ISO
iso-o-matic.lha          uti/fil   62kb  All to ISO disk image converter
passmaker.lha            uti/mis  227kb  Password generator with GUI
annotate.lha             uti/tex  259kb  Text Editor with advanced features
annotate_src.lha         uti/tex  170kb  Text Editor with advanced features (sour
contextmenusscripts.lha  uti/wor   60kb  Scripts and config file for ContextMenus
dvplayer-demo.lha        vid/pla  595kb  Video Player with skinnable GUI
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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