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Aminet-Uploads until 16.03.2008
These are the latest Aminet uploads which have been added since our last message:
MUIbase-2.4.lha                biz/dbase     4.9M    VAR   Programmable relational database with GU          biz/dbase     3.5M    ARO   Programmable relational database with GU
sqlite-3.5.4-amiga.lha         biz/dbase     5.1M    VAR   Self-contained SQL database engine
FussballBundesliga.lha         biz/misc       30K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
Tubexx-fr.lha                  comm/misc      10K    GEN   Tubexx french catalog
nzbGet-amigaos.lha             comm/news      50K    OS3   Download nzb-files from usenet via shell
nzbGet-morphos.lha             comm/news      62K    MOS   Download nzb-files from usenet via shell
PullDog-amigaos.lha            comm/news     134K    OS3   NNTP-Client for NZB files
PullDog-morphos.lha            comm/news     169K    MOS   NNTP-Client for NZB files
myinterfacesuck.lha            comm/tcp       54K    VAR   prevents buggy ethernet from locking up
pftp.lha                       comm/tcp      707K    OS4   Advanced FTP/SFTP client
pftp_fr.lha                    comm/tcp       49K    GEN   French translation for Pete's FTP
stream125.lha                  comm/tcp       32K    GEN   stream,record and/or play Shoutcast radi
getvideo.lha                   comm/www       13K    GEN   get FLV files from YouTube etc.
OWB.lha                        comm/www      8.7M    OS4   Origyn Web Browser
pavuk-68k.lha                  comm/www      1.8M    OS3   pavuk - web grabber
W4R_kick.lha                   demo/intro     62K    OS3   Let The Base Kick by An4kiR.
planethively.lha               demo/sound    330K    VAR   A musicdisk by IRIS and Up Rough
AMOSlist-1999-01.lha           dev/amos      176K    GEN   AMOS-list archives for January 1999
AMOSlist-1999-02.lha           dev/amos       97K    GEN   AMOS-list archives for February 1999
AMOSlist-1999-03.lha           dev/amos      126K    GEN   AMOS-list archives for March 1999
AMOSlist-1999-04.lha           dev/amos       87K    GEN   AMOS-list archives for April 1999
ESA.lha                        dev/asm        54K    OS3   Extra-Strong Assembly
Blitz_AHI.lha                  dev/basic     169K    OS3   AHI dev kit for Blitz
physfs.lha                     dev/c         747K    MOS   PhysicsFS
showlib.lha                    dev/c          18K    OS3   System libraries and devices lister 0.04
usblist.lha                    dev/c          29K    OS3   USB lister 0.04
Annotate.lha                   dev/cross      98K    OS3   Comment/reformat DASMX 2650 cross-disasm
DECH.lha                       dev/e          46K    OS3   Deniil's E-Compiler Handler v1.49     dev/gcc        23M    ARO   gcc/g++ 3.3.1 i686 aros
cpio.lha                       dev/gg        206K    MOS   GNU utility to copy to/from archives
worb.lha                       dev/lang       33K    VAR   Noit 'o mnain worb Programming Language
lib765.lha                     dev/lib       116K    OS4   uPD765a Floppy Disc Controller emulation
libao.lha                      dev/lib        74K    OS4   Cross-platform Audio Library
libargp.lha                    dev/lib       362K    OS4   libargp.a - standalone argp from glibc
libdsk.lha                     dev/lib       794K    OS4   Link lib for manipulation of disk images
libmikmod.lha                  dev/lib       2.0M    OS4   Portable sound library (music modules)
libmspack-os4.lha              dev/lib       485K    OS4   Microsoft packing library (CAB,CHM,HLP)
libmspack.lha                  dev/lib       1.4M    MOS   Microsoft packing library (CAB,CHM,HLP)
PDCurses.lha                   dev/lib       957K    MOS   Curses for multiple platforms
flasm-os4.lha                  dev/misc      280K    OS4   A dis/assembler of Flash bytecode
powersdl_sdk.lha               dev/misc      2.4M    MOS   SDK to SDL audio and video library
MCC_LayGroup-19.2.lha          dev/mui        22K    OS3   Automatic object layout within a group
MCC_TheBar-26.1.lha            dev/mui       1.0M    VAR   TheBar.mcc - Toolbar MUI Custom Class
aliens-morphos.lha             dev/src       221K    MOS   An example of using SDL
vbcc-librarytemplate.lha       dev/src         4K    GEN   Template for an Amiga shared lib in VBCC
dax2iso.lha                    disk/misc      58K    OS4   Convert DAX images to ISO
DiskImageGUI-fr.lha            disk/misc       4K    GEN   DiskImageGUI french catalog
diskimage_device-os3.lha       disk/misc     194K    OS3   Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
diskimage_device.lha           disk/misc     296K    OS4   Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
mADFloppy.lha                  disk/misc      72K    VAR   Amiga disk images xferring environment
sfsdoctor-1.1.lha              disk/misc     111K    MOS   The disk recovery and repair suite
AMIGA-Project5.lha             docs/hard     313K    VAR   Another simple AMIGA project for kids.
IFF-metadata.lha               docs/misc       2K    GEN   IFF-EXIF/IPTC/XMP Extensions & META
Wazp3D.lha                     driver/video  115K    OS3   CPU only Warp3D v4.2 implementation
heroes-os4.lha                 game/actio    4.3M    OS4   A VERY nice and polished Nibbles clone
KOG.lha                        game/actio    706K    OS4   Innovative, quick, simple arcade game
Koules.lha                     game/actio    195K    OS3   Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
pfp-bmpr.lha                   game/actio    1.3M    OS4   Fly to the exit type of game
pfp-zata.lha                   game/actio    805K    OS4   A snake game with a slight twist
TilesSlide.lha                 game/actio     50K    OS3   Align 3 tiles of the same colour
54321-MorphOS.lha              game/board    612K    MOS   Five classic puzzle games
changeit04.lha                 game/board    2.6M    VAR   Logical game (Amiga Bejeveled clone)
ToT_Amiga_V0.57.lha            game/demo     138M    OS3   Tales of Tamar Client V0.57
uniVERSUS.lha                  game/demo     3.8M    OS4   retro-innovative shoot'em up
PingBoing.lha                  game/gag       16K    OS4   Make your mouse pointer bounce
JumpingAround.lha              game/jump     267K    OS3   JumpNRun game, only 4 levels!
randomshooter-os4.lha          game/shoot    1.0M    OS4   Random Shooter - A small shooter
TotalChaosAGAr6.lha            game/strat     91M    OS3   2D Magic & Monsters turn-based Strategy
nfrotz.lha                     game/text     236K    VAR   Engine for infocom Z-code games
atakks-1.0-morphos.lha         game/think    110K    MOS   Chinese mind game
Follia_NBA.lha                 game/think    1.4M    OS3   challenging tile-based puzzler
pfp-brkx.lha                   game/think    4.8M    OS4   A puzzle game, connect the blocks
SCRAMBLY_DV.lha                game/think    719K    OS4   15 slide puzzle with twists       gfx/conv      308K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files(SSE2)            gfx/conv      307K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files
GSGui_68k.lha                  gfx/conv      100K    GEN   GUI for Ghostscript8 in MUI
ico2bmp.lha                    gfx/conv       19K    VAR   Extracts BMP files from ICO files
ivcon.lha                      gfx/conv      584K    OS4   3D Graphics File Conversion
SView5.lha                     gfx/misc      3.1M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
AmiArcadia.lha                 misc/emu      539K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha              misc/emu      468K    MOS   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
bas2tap-os4.lha                misc/emu       51K    OS4   Spectrum Basic file->TAP image converter
dat2slt-os4.lha                misc/emu       20K    OS4   Convert between DAT and SLT files
direct-os4.lha                 misc/emu       11K    OS4   Convert .voc to spectrum .tzx
glUAE.lha                      misc/emu      1.0M    GEN   Integrates UAE into AmigaOS
Handy095.lha                   misc/emu      267K    OS3   Atari Lynx emulator
MOM.lha                        misc/emu      617K    OS3   hand-held device
NeoGUI-fr.lha                  misc/emu        4K    GEN   NeoGUI french catalog
pokeit-os4.lha                 misc/emu        4K    OS4   Inserts POKEs permanently into SNA files
snapconv-os4.lha               misc/emu      420K    OS4   Spectrum snapshot converter
snaplist-os4.lha               misc/emu       16K    OS4   Extracts the Basic listing from .sna
tap2tzx-os4.lha                misc/emu        5K    OS4   A TAP to TZX Converter
tzx2tap-os4.lha                misc/emu        7K    OS4   Converts Spectrum TZX to TAP files
W4R_alat.mp3                   mods/anakir   2.1M    GEN   "Anarchists, Lunatics & Terrorists".
W4R_food.mp3                   mods/anakir   1.3M    GEN   "Fish Food", An4kiR 2007, AHX Dump
W4R_shot.mp3                   mods/anakir   3.5M    GEN   "Shot to Bits"/"Broken Chips". AHX Dump
valium.lha                     mods/jungl    224K    GEN   Drum'n bass/Jungle by freQ / dA Jointmen
SamplesCreatorDemos.lha        mods/smpl      29K    GEN   Some samples created by SamplesCreator
st-07d7.lha                    mods/voy       34K    GEN   Amiga Soundtracker 2.6 mod
SamplesCreator.lha             mus/edit       44K    OS3   Samples creation and saving
flite_device.lha               mus/misc      3.8M    OS4   Device API based on Flite Speech Engine
gym2vgm.lha                    mus/misc        5K    OS4   Converts GYM files to VGM
EP_AlcatrazPac.lha             mus/play       14K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Alcatraz Packer" ext. repl.
EP_JesperOlsen.lha             mus/play       11K    OS3   EaglePlayer "Jesper Olsen" ext. player
EP_MMSound.lha                 mus/play       14K    OS3   EaglePlayer "MultiMediaSound" ext. repl.
playgsf.lha                    mus/play      622K    OS4   .gsf/.minigsf player
playOGG.lha                    mus/play      3.6M    OS3   multi format sound player.
tune2sf_plug.lha               mus/play      398K    OS4   2SF (Nintendo DS) TuneNet plugin
tuneadplug_plug.lha            mus/play      2.1M    OS4   AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tunedsf_plug.lha               mus/play      277K    OS4   DSF (Sega Dreamcast) TuneNet plugin
tuneym_plug.lha                mus/play      112K    OS4   Callus/Genesis YM plugin for TuneNet
litemetal.lha                  pix/theme      36K    GEN   OS4: Very lightweight and elegant theme.
novometal_IV.lha               pix/theme      36K    GEN   OS4: Lightweight, simple + elegant theme
transmetal.lha                 pix/theme      37K    GEN   OS4: Lightweight, simple + elegant theme
Annotate_src.lha               text/edit     170K    GEN   Text Editor with advanced features (sour
Annotate_usr.lha               text/edit     260K    OS4   Text Editor with advanced features
THE_MOS.lha                    text/edit     1.4M    MOS   The Hessling Editor, a free XEDIT clone          text/font      16K    ARO   TrueType font viewer
GuideMaker-0.3.lha             text/hyper    637K    OS4   An AmigaGuide file creation utility.                    text/print    248K    ARO   Printer Preferences
aros-texlive-bin-i386.tar.bz2  text/tex       12M    ARO   TeXlive bin-pc-i386
aros-texlive-src.tar.bz2       text/tex       36M    GEN   TeXlive sources
xad_7z.lha                     util/arc      179K    VAR   XAD (UnArc) client for 7-Zip archives
Commander.lha                  util/blank     71K    OS4   A multi-purpose blanker module
datef.lha                      util/cli        7K    OS3   (french) Date 4digitsYear+hours v1.1
iso-o-matic-os3.lha            util/conv      81K    OS3   All to ISO disk image converter
iso-o-matic.lha                util/conv      62K    OS4   All to ISO disk image converter
akTIFF-dt.lha                  util/dtype    557K    VAR   akTIFF-dt (TIFF, 68000-060/MOS)
powersdl.lha                   util/libs     941K    MOS   SDL audio and video library for MorphOS
powersdl_src.lha               util/libs     2.4M    GEN   Source code: SDL audio and video library
fixdate-morphos.lha            util/misc       4K    MOS   Fix filedates in the future
lmbench-2.5.lha                util/misc     1.1M    OS4   Mostly complete port: lmbench test suite
MultiRen.lha                   util/misc     203K    OS3   Powerful multi-file renaming tool (MUI)
SDL-Bench-MorphOS.lha          util/misc      77K    MOS   Benchmark SDL GFX speed
xdelta3.lha                    util/misc      83K    OS4   binary diff,differential compression too
SDLBench-os4.lha               util/moni     124K    OS4   An SDL Benchmark test
Snoopium.lha                   util/moni     125K    MOS   System monitoring tool for MorphOS
AnimaPoint.lha                 util/mouse     93K    OS4   Animate your mouse pointer.
RDec.lha                       util/rexx      16K    OS3   Convert roman to dec., dec. to roman
rx3h.lha                       util/rexx      14K    OS3   ARexx function lib: http-handler+screens
serialecho.i386-aros.tar.gz    util/shell      2K    ARO   Echo command that dumps output to serial
wet.lha                        util/wb       1.0M    VAR   Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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