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20.Oct.2008 Uploads until 19.10.2008
These are the latest uploads to the which have been added since our last message:
amisounded.lha       aud/edi   99kb  32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
bonk.lha             aud/mis  100kb  Encode, decode and play .bonk files
dg_midi_player.lha   aud/pla  250kb  Simple MIDI player
gus_patches.lha      aud/pla   29Mb  GravisUltraSound-patches
tunebonk_plug.lha    aud/pla   72kb  Bonk plugin for TuneNet  aud/tra    4Mb  Protracker 5.0 Source Code
fireflies-src.lha    dem/mis   98kb  A nice OpenGL firefly effect (Sources)
fireflies.lha        dem/mis  214kb  A nice OpenGL firefly effect.
ps2client.lha        dev/cro  114kb  Interact with your PS2 via the network
memguard.lha         dev/deb   27kb  Mungwall-like tool for OS4
bfont.lha            dev/lib    2Mb  a font library for SDL
libao-dev.lha        dev/lib  285kb  Cross-platform Audio Library (Shared/Sta
libao-src.lha        dev/lib  701kb  Cross-platform Audio Library (Source)
libgfx.lha           dev/lib  948kb  a graphics library
libtimidity-dev.lha  dev/lib  959kb  add midi playback to your app! (Shared/S
compilergui.lha      dev/uti  112kb  GUI for compilers
contextmenuspl.lha   doc/tut    2kb  Polish ContextMenus.cfg translation for 
rrootage.lha         gam/act    4Mb  A great Japanese abstract shoot em up
rrootagesrc.lha      gam/act    4Mb  rRootage sources
xmoto.lha            gam/dri   32Mb  A very good stunt motorcycle game.
uqm-src.lha          gam/mis    1Mb  Source for Ur-Quan Masters port
daimonin.lha         gam/rol   31Mb  Daimonin B4
netpanzer.lha        gam/str   17Mb  Multiplayer online RTS game with tanks
openreadalert.lha    gam/str    1Mb  Open Red Alert
wesnoth.lha          gam/str  139Mb  Battle for Wesnoth (stable version)
ibatch_eng.lha       gra/con  139kb  Sync Picture dirs + Batchrename and Batc
ibatch_ger.lha       gra/con  145kb  Sync Picture dirs + Batchrename and Batc
grafx2.lha           gra/edi  808kb  Pixel paint program (like DPaint etc).
glblankers.lha       gra/scr  650kb  Collection of OpenGL blanker modules
libao-usr.lha        lib/aud  111kb  Cross-platform Audio Library, (Shared)
netsurf.lha          net/bro    2Mb  Fast CSS capable web browser
owb.lha              net/bro    6Mb  Origyn Web Browser
datetime_docky.lha   uti/doc   20kb  Docky that displays the current time and
makelinkgui.lha      uti/fil   77kb  GUI for Makelink
timetraveler.lha     uti/fil   98kb  Trashcan + recycled browser
ranger.lha           uti/mis  294kb  System diagnostic tool
splashlauncher.lha   uti/mis   89kb  Splash image program launcher
glglobe.lha          uti/sci    3Mb  A nice OpenGL worldglobe
die.lha              uti/she    1kb  Kill your Amiga!
amytimer.lha         uti/wor   69kb  A timer
contexmenus_ita.lha  uti/wor    1kb  Italian translated ContextMEnus.cfg
fuelgauge.lha        uti/wor  109kb  Volume gauges underneath hard drive icon
windowthumbs.lha     uti/wor   72kb  Window thumbnails
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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