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Aminet-Uploads until 19.10.2008
These are the latest uploads to the Aminet which have been added since our last message:      biz/dbase   3.4M    ARO   Programmable relational database w/GUI
DirectoryOpus-4.18.12.lha  biz/dopus   852K    OS4   The legendary filemanager
WookieChat2.10_OS3.lha     comm/irc    1.1M    OS3   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
SpamFryer.lha              comm/mail   370K    GEN   Deletes unwanted mail from server unread
Tubexx.lha                 comm/misc   540K    GEN   multifunction YouTube client
getvideo.lha               comm/www     15K    GEN   get FLV files from YouTube etc.
netsurf.lha                comm/www    3.4M    OS4   Fast CSS capable web browser
OWB.lha                    comm/www    6.1M    OS4   Origyn Web Browser
bin2dat.lha                dev/basic    94K    OS3   Converts bin files into Blitz data
mp3_dec.lha                dev/basic    13K    OS3   mpega.lib dev kit for Blitz+mp3 decoder
Annotate.lha               dev/cross   118K    OS3   Comment/reformat DASMX 2650 cross-disasm
AutoDocReader_1v5.lha      dev/misc    332K    VAR   View autodocs, C headers and text files
Arduino_Python.lha         dev/src       6K    OS3   Arduino access using Python 1.4 to 2.6.
ADC-WinUAE.lha             docs/hard    18K    GEN   ADC Ideas For WinUAE, GPL.
WinUAE_Arduino.lha         docs/hard    23K    VAR   WinUAE_Arduino Diecimila DEMO ADC.   game/actio  958K    ARO   An abstract vector shoot em up
Africa.lha                 game/board  213K    OS3   Conversion of 3W boardgame
Saga.lha                   game/board  372K    OS3   Conversion of TSR boardgame
BTCE.lha                   game/edit   100K    OS3   Bard's Tale 1-3 & BTCS Character Editor
rrootage-os4.lha           game/shoot  4.3M    OS4   A great Japanese abstract shoot 'em up
rrootage.lha               game/shoot  3.8M    MOS   rRootage is a manic shoot them up
openredalert-r460-68k.lha  game/strat  765K    OS3   OpenRedAlert for 68k Amigaos
wesnoth.lha                game/strat  140M    OS4   Battle for Wesnoth
Flog.lha                   game/wb      33K    OS3   Have fun with this card game!
SoliTri.lha                game/wb      33K    OS3   Have fun with this card game!
exiftool.lha               gfx/conv    2.1M    GEN   ExifTool
ibatch4b_eng.lha           gfx/conv    122K    VAR   Sync picture dirs, batch rename/convert
ibatch4b_ger.lha           gfx/conv    123K    VAR   Sync picture dirs, batch rename/convert
AmiCAD_2.26.lha            gfx/edit    919K    OS3   Schematics vectorial electronics program
SView5.lha                 gfx/misc    3.3M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
radioscript.lha            gfx/show     24K    GEN   Arexx script for MPlayer
AmiArcadia.lha             misc/emu    823K    OS3   Signetics-based machines emulator
bin2tap-mos.lha            misc/emu     26K    MOS   ZX Spectrum BIN to TAP utilities
dream102.lha               misc/emu    170K    OS3   Dragon, Tandy CoCo emulator
realspectools-mos.lha      misc/emu     34K    MOS   ZX Spectrum TAP utilities
backincontrol.mp3          mods/kicko   11M    GEN   Psy Trance tune from Transplant
aw2sv.lha                  mus/edit     14K    OS3   Converts AIF/WAV Audio to IFF-SV/FL
mp3toSV.lha                mus/edit     12K    OS3   Converts MPEG Audio to IFF-SV
bonk.lha                   mus/misc    100K    OS4   Encode, decode and play .bonk files     mus/misc     14K    ARO   Extracts info from MPEG files
playOGG.lha                mus/play    3.7M    OS3   multi format sound player.
tunebonk_plug.lha          mus/play     73K    OS4   Bonk plugin for TuneNet
ATcad_Profi.png            pix/misc     10K    GEN   Screenshot of current ATcad (German)
THE.lha                    text/edit   1.5M    MOS   The Hessling Editor, a free XEDIT clone
E-UAELoad_v1.31.lha        util/batch  116K    VAR   Auto configure WHDLoad games for E-UAE
gr_boot.lha                util/boot    36K          Amithlon/AROS GRUB boot setup
MakeList.lha               util/cli     32K    VAR   Create file listing from directories
rxlistview.lha             util/rexx    11K    GEN   Listview requester for Arexx scripts
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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