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07.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: distcc 3.1, Expat 5.1, ffmpegGUI 2.1, SDL_mixer 1.2.7-r3

distcc 3.1

With distcc developers can compile on several computers. Please note that this update requires AmigaOS 4.1.

Download: distcc-bin.lha (431 KB)

Expat 5.1

Expat is a XML-Parser-library. A 68k-interface is now included, a static Newlib-version and a Shared-objects-version.

Download: expat.lha (492 KB)

ffmpegGUI 2.1

ffmpegGUI is a graphical user-interface for the video conversion program ffmpeg which was also updated for AmigaOS 4. Several new formats and codecs are supported.

ffmpeg.lha (7 MB)
ffmpeggui.lha (176 KB)

SDL_Mixer 1.2.7-r3

SDL_mixer is an audio mixer for several channels. The update solves the problems with the mp3- and OGG-support.

Download: sdl_mixer.lha (413 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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