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07.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

Retro-Gaming: WHDLoad 16.9
With WHDLoad you can install games and demos on your harddrive which originally were only delivered as disk versions. Additionally several incompatibilities with newer Amiga models were fixed. Changes since the last version:
  • chg: BLITWAIT macro in whdmacros.i adapted for better speed, thanks to John Girvin for research and testing
  • fix: problems with writing to disks with around a multiple of 4 GB free space fixed (Ingo Schmitz)
  • fix: resload_Decrunch/LoadFileDecrunch could corrupt vital memory which could lead to strange WHDLoad errors (e.g. "Function ... requires slave version 1"), reported for game Universe, thanks to KillerGorilla for report and Psygore for diagnostics; the old RNC1 format is now properly supported for overlapping source and destination
  • new: on ChkBltSize/S some basic initialization in blitter line mode are checked too (68060 only)
  • new: option FullChip/S to save/restore the full chip memory instead only the area specified in the Slave
  • new: finnish translation of documentation, thanks to Mikko Heinonen
  • chg: cpu detection routine reworked to correctly detect an 68020 on boards with 'FPU logic error', 68851 and 68040/60 FPU detection improved
  • new: workaround added to make WHDLoad running on the CDTV, the cdtv.device will be disabled to avoid problems with interrupts generated by this, thanks to jtorrance and Toni Wilen
  • new: commands BKPT and BELL added to resload_Patch/Seg to set a breakpoint (enter freezer) and show a visual bell
  • chg: handling of the internal directory cache for resload_Examine/ ExNext changed, so that new created files will not be the the first entry in the directory this fixes problems with programs which do not correctly perform a Examine before each directory scan, e.g. Castles2 (JOTD)
  • chg: some more info output and better lace support with SP (saving picture)
  • chg: check for free stack space on entering WHDLoad via resload/ interrupt/exception made more consistent
  • chg: many changes on WHDLoadGCI, can export Slave/Memory now
  • new: danish translation of documentation, thanks to Nicolai Mortensen
  • new: macro PL_NOPS added to whdload.i (bippym)
  • chg: improved error messages if loading kickstart fails
  • chg: changed CPU detection to avoid problems with weired MMU configuration, no longer uses transparent translation to avoid Enforcer hits (Fabio Cinus)
  • chg: its no longer possible to load files from outside the data directory, that means that file specs containg a ':' or '//' or starting/ending with a '/' are prohibited, these files were anyway never PreLoad-able
  • new: support for multiple data directories added
  • new: options SavePath/K and SaveDir/K added to let WHDLoad redirect all write operations to a different disk location
  • new: WHDLoad now remembers if PreLoad has loaded all files and then doesn't switch when a resload function tries to load a non existing file (e.g. resload_GetFileSize)
  • chg: resload_ListFiles now supports a buffer in ExpMem too (JOTD)
  • chg: autodocs revised, html transformation added

Direkter Download: WHDLoad_16.9_usr.lzx (910 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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