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Moobunny (website)

AmigaOne X1000: Beta tester documents on Internet
The documents which get users of A-EONs beta-program are available on Internet. We have collected the most important information. But be aware: No liability assumed!
  1. The beta tester immediately has to pay 750 Euro. The beta hardware (only motherboard and memory - tower, mouse or keyboard are not included) will probably be sent at the end of this year and will cost "approximately" 1400 Euro (plus taxes and shipping).
  2. Although the document is only called "Confidentiality and Betatesting Agreement" the main part of it is about the handing over of the X1000 and the coresponding payments..
  3. A-EON offers a "limited warranty": If there will be bugs which interferes a great deal the functions of the motherboard and which cannot be fixed with the help of software the beta tester can send back the hardware to the producer. A-EON then will decide if the motherboard will be reworked or the beta tester will get 90% of the purchase price.
  4. The contract does not include any provisions what will happen with the payments in advance if there are any problems.

In our opinion this document is a contract of sale. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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