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07.Jul.2013 (Forum)

Event: First reports of Silicon Dreams & Vintage Computer Festival (update)
The Silicon Dreams & Vintage Computer Festival is taking place in Coalville ( reported). AmigaOS-, MorphOS- and AROS-users as well as the British dealer AmigaKit and A-EON Technology are taking part.

Since yesterday A-EON Technology presents pictures of its booth on its Facebook-sites which show two new mainboards (Boards, schema).

Meanwhile the visitor 'Rob' has made available a first explanation. It seems to be a DualCore-PowerPC-SOC of the model P5020, without a SouthBridge and the board is called Cyrus and Cyrus+. The first one is a MicroATX-board and the last one has, similar to the AmigaOne X1000, the ATX-format. The optional use of a P5040 (QuadCore) will be possible later, most likely due to a low PCIe-controller-capacity only for the MicroATX-version.

The price of Cyrus will be between the Sam-boards delivered by ACube Systems and the AmigaOne X1000. But the boards will be not available in ther near future because among others drivers are still missing. The AmigaOne X1000 is still always available.

Update: (19:00, 08.07.13, dr)
Additionally the video of a short interview with Trevor Dickinson (A-EON Technology) has been published. Furthermore it was clarified that it is still not decided if actually two mainboards will be available: The presented MicroATX was the first prototype, the ATX-board the second one. The ATX-board is supposed to be the target format if there will be only one version; new mainboard drivers would be necessary. Therefore again extension boards for sound output and network would be used. The processor would have 2 GHz and use DDR3-RAM; additionally again a Xorro-Slot is planned.

2. Update: (19:18, 10.07.13, snx)
Meanwhile another video has been published, containing an extended interview with Trevor Dickinson as well as one with Matthew Leaman (AmigaKit). (snx) (Translation: dr)

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