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WHDLoad: New packages until 06.07.2013
Using WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups on your harddisk that were not compatible with anything but floppy disks. The following installers have been added until July 6th, 2013:
  • 2013-07-06 new: Hot Music 3 (Ram Jam) done by Dr Cinicus (Info, Image)
  • 2013-07-04 improved: New Zealand Story (Taito/Ocean) 68000-only bug fix, v17 custom options (Info)
  • 2013-07-04 improved: Midnight Resistance (Ocean) bug fixes, button code improvement, v17 custom options (Info)
  • 2013-07-04 improved: Mega lo Mania (Sensible Software/Mirrorsoft) trainer bug fix, new cd32 controls, level select via pad, v17 custom options (Info, Image)
  • 2013-07-04 improved: Bloodwych (Mirrorsoft) new CD32 controls, v17 custom options (Info)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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