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28.Jun.2014 (Webseite)

MorphOS: SoundBankster 1.2
Antoine 'tchecko' Dubourg's SoundBankster (screenshot) is an application für DJs, which can be completely controlled with an USB-DJ-Deck. A system with at least 512 MB RAM is recommended.

The programm was written for MorphOS and uses the new HID-sensor-API of MorphOS 3.6. Furthermore Reggae (loading and playing music), AHI (dual sound output with different AHI-units) and TinyGL (rendering of the diagram of the sounds).

  • Support for the new HID Sensors API of MorphOS 3.6
  • Waveform rendering with TinyGL
  • Reggae support for decoding and rendering audio
  • Memory playback for stutterless audio rendering
  • 20ms audio buffer for realtime effects
  • Beat detection algorithm
  • Accurate track pitch
  • Filters
  • Loops
  • Playlist import/export with ranking and BPM databases
  • Unlimited recording in WAVE format
  • Heavily threaded for non blocking user interface
  • Supports dual audio output via AHI units
  • MUI interface
  • All this in a packed 100KB executable
Download: SoundBankster.lha (393 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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