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Johannes Genberg (ANF)

Swedish print magazine: Amiga Forum 9
Press release: Just when the Swedish midsummer holiday has passed there is another reson to celibrate: the latest issue of AMIGA FORUM is here! This issue (#9) is dedicated to the Amiga fair AmiGBG that was at the 3rd of May. But we also write about:
  • News from SUGA, SAFIR and the Amiga world
  • GG2 card for sale: the cheapest way to get network for Amiga
  • FPGA based Amiga clones
  • Noisetracker 25 years
  • Game review: Putty Squad
This issue is 28 pages (16 in colour) of pure Amiga! You can order your issue at the title link (Swedish only, sorry) for 25 Swedish Kronor plus shipping. Members of Swedish User Group of Amiga (SUGA) get the magazine for free. (snx)

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