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OS4Depot-Uploads until 02.01.2016
The following archives have been added to OS4Depot until January 2nd, 2016:
vsp.lha                  aud/pla 2Mb   4.0 An easy mod, mp3, ogg and wav Vi...
warpjpegdt.lha           dat/ima 235kb 4.0 JFIF-JPEG datatype
wiiloader.lha            dev/cro 190kb 4.0 Nintendo Wii network loader utility
libogg.lha               dev/lib 312kb 4.0 lib for handling OGG files
libvorbis.lha            dev/lib 1Mb   4.0 lib for handling Ogg Vorbis audio
libpng.lha               dev/lib 2Mb   4.0 Lib for handling PNG files
libsdl_image.lha         dev/lib 1Mb   4.0 SDL image file loading library
libtiff.lha              dev/lib 3Mb   4.0 Lib for handling Tag Image File ...
libvpx.lha               dev/lib 2Mb   4.0 WebM VP8/VP9 Codec library
libwebp.lha              dev/lib 6Mb   4.0 lib for handling WebP images
libx264.lha              dev/lib 3Mb   4.0 H.264/AVC encoder
sgit.lha                 dev/uti 1009k 4.0 A simple and incomplete git client
amigaracer.lha           gam/dri 48Mb  4.1 A Lotus Turbo Challenge game alike
aiss.lha                 gra/ais 8Mb   4.1 Amiga Image Storage System
aiss.pdf                 gra/ais 5Mb   4.1 Documentation
pintorweb.lha            gra/con 2Mb   4.0 An easy program to handling pict...
awc.lha                  gra/mis 2Mb   4.0 A web anim tool
loview.lha               gra/vie 5Mb   4.0 The Easy Viewer & Thumber :)
gummisurf.lha            net/bro 98kb  4.0 The downloader manager companion
dsm.lha                  net/ser 1Mb   4.1 Synology Download Station Tool
devinfos.lha             uti/mis 639kb 4.0 Shows many infos about a device
jack.lha                 uti/wor 4Mb   4.1 A fantastic AppStore for AmigaOS
clipgrab.lha             vid/mis 1Mb   4.1 Qt Download videos from YouTube
vamp.lha                 vid/pla 2Mb   4.0 Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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