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Aminet-Uploads until 02.01.2016
The following archives have been added to Aminet until January 2nd, 2016:
CruelSummer_Box.lha      demo/misc  455K  68k 2009-12 unreleased oldschool ...
Kaleidoscopycus_II.lha   demo/misc  348K  68k Simple Demo: colorful Cycle P...
cop.lha                  dev/debug  162K  68k Low Level Debugger
m68k-amigaos-gcc.tar.gz  dev/gcc    12M   68k GCC based dev toolchain for A...
fd2libmaker.lha          dev/lib    1K        Convert FD to LibMaker functions
sgit.lha                 dev/misc   1.0M  OS4 A simple and incomplete git c...
A3000-INT_2-Mod.lha      docs/hard  1.3M      A3000D INT_2 motherboard modi...
Amigaville3.pdf          docs/mags  43M       Amigaville Magazine Issue 3      game/actio 515K  68k Jet Set Willy clone as Xmas game
webptools044_a68k.lha    gfx/conv   2.3M  68k encode/decode images in WebP ...
magicwebp_4.0.lha        gfx/show   1.4M  MOS View/encode Webp pictures + a...
CxPX_SP.lha              util/cdity 4K        CxPX v1.0 spanish catalog
CxSP.lha                 util/cdity 4K        CX v2.3 spanish catalog
devinfos.lha             util/misc  639K  OS4 Shows infos about a device an...
recentfiles.sbar.lha     util/misc  53K   MOS A recent file information scr...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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