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08.May 2021
Amigans (Website)

AmigaOS 4: Video tutorial for commissioning ACube's Sam460cr
Roman 'kas1e' Kargin had purchased a Sam460cr board including various games and AmigaOS 4.1 in the course of ACube Systems' Christmas promotion. Since the Italian software and hardware company had announced the production of further boards, the developer would like to encourage other users to consider buying a board by publishing his video.

He has divided his video tutorial into seven chapters:
  • Part 1: Unpack the delivery and take a closer look at the components.
  • Part 2: The first trial run.
  • Part 3: Installation in the tower. Vertical arrangement of the graphics card.
  • Part 4: Installation of AmigaOS4 FE with the help of a USB stick with Radeon drivers.
  • Part 5: Making basic settings: Network, Audio and Extras.
  • Part 6: Installing Update1 and Update2.
  • Part 7: Complete configuration. Evaluation of suitability for everyday use.
The video tutorial is accompanied by music. English subtitles explain his individual actions in detail. He uses a MasterBox NR200P as tower case, a RadeonHD r270 Verde (which he had originally purchased for his AmigaONE X5000) for the first test and a Radeon RX 560 graphics card as the final solution.

On, the creator gives first impressions: USB on the Sam460 would be much faster than on the X5000. However, the Odyssey browser would definitely run slower, especially video rendering. Likewise, loading game data into memory would take longer. The FPS would be three times slower on all games tested compared to the X5000.den von Spieledaten in den Arbeitsspeicher länger dauern. Der FPS-Wert wäre dreimal langsamer auf allen getesteten Spielen im Vergleich zum X5000.

Conclusion: "In other words, it is sufficient for everyday use, but the X5000 is definitely better. However, for those who only want to spend $700 for a complete system, it is certainly OK and a good way to get started using AmigaOS 4. The installation is very tricky (no RadeonRX drivers included in the AmigaOS 4 installation CD, Uboot not visible, no default boot from USB in the Uboot settings) - this is quite complicated for newbies. But once that is done, everything works." (dr) (Translation: bb)

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