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13.Jun.2021 (Webseite)

A-EON Technology: Updates for Warp3D Nova and Copy command
As part of their Enhancer Software, A-EON Technology have updated both the graphics card driver Warp3D Nova and their own variant of the Copy command - the latter being, besides AmigaOS 4, also available for AmigaOS 3.x. The Warp3D Nova update is especially useful for owners of Radeon RX 570/580 cards, fixing a bug that caused freezes.

As always, customers can download the new versions using the Updater software.

  • Warp3D Nova 1.85
    (Warp3DNova.library, W3DN_SI.library, W3DN_GCN.library)
    • W3DN_SI/GCN: Added framebuffer lock failure detection to prevent a crash (#717)
    • W3DN_GCN: No more freezing with RX 570/580 cards (#361)
    • W3DN_GCN: Fixed W3DNHelloTriangle corruption with Radeon RX 570/580 cards
    • W3DN_SI/GCN - Using an array of textures in a loop would cause graphics corruption and also a GPU lockup. FIXED
    • W3DN_SI/GCN - Elementwise access to vec3 vertex shader inputs was broken. FIXED
    • DDK: Added tests for the bug listed above

  • Copy 46.7 / 54.7
    • Fixed bug in setting the path of the destination file if it wasn't provided. It could use the source file's path instead of the current dir.

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