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A2000-Motherboard using the EATX standard: Revision 1.2 is production candidate
After the developer 'jasonsbeer' has tested the prototpye of his rebuild of the A2000 motherboard called 'Amiga-2000-ATX', he has set revision 1.2 as production candidate. He wrote:

"I am currently running a Supra Wordsync SCSI card, a Commodore A2630 accelerator, and a Pi HDMI video card on the Amiga 2000 EATX. AIBB can be seen on the screen. I allowed the Amiga 2000 EATX to run for several hours playing games and running memory tests without issue. All the external ports are working as expected."

Changes of Revision 1.2:
  • Fixed traces on the keyboard connector (error on the C= schematic)
  • Added missing _COPCFG trace
  • Deleted some extra traces that were not needed
  • Added HSYNC/COMPSYNC selection jumper
  • Cleaned up parts of the schematics
  • Widened U801 footprint (RTC62423 is wider than the standard SOIC package)
  • Added support for 1 and 2 MB Kickstart ROMs (512k still supported)
  • Added some space around the external ports...they were crowded

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