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Developer package: DevPack 1.1
The free "DevPack" provided by Dimitris Panokostas and Philipp Lonke is meant for Amiga users who under AmigaOS are going to develop software. The first version was released at the end of October 2020. The package is hosted on the Amikit website but does not have any dependencies on the commercial Workbench environment and can be installed on harddrive by extracting the lzx archive. Diverse compilers, text editors and other tools are included as listed in the Readme.

Changes of version 1.1:
  • Released as an LZX archive as well as a dynamic (auto-expandable up to 3.9GB) SFS hardfile (HDF) for WinUAE and Amiberry
  • ADDED: AmiLua 0.2 by Lua team, Matthias Rustler,
  • ADDED: AmiPython 2.3.3 by Tim Ocock, conversion and Amiga specific code by Irmen de Jong,
  • ADDED: AMOS Pro Compiler by François Lionet, including PDF manual
  • ADDED: ASM-One 1.48 & 1.49-RC2 by Boushh of TFA,
  • ADDED: Blitz Basic Demos by Erik Hogan,
  • UPDATED: FreePascal 3.2.2 by ALB42,
  • UPDATED: REDPILL 0.8.12 by Zener - Game Creator with AGA support,

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